Because we sell the best Dachshund puppies around! We are a family breeder who loves our Dachshunds like they are a part of the family. We live on 100 acres of beautifully wooded property. We would love to be a blessing in helping you find the perfect Mini Dachshund puppy for your family.

First Class Dachshund puppy spot is a veterinarian owned and operated home-based breeder of the highest quality Dachshunds. We strive to produce a few exquisite Dachshund puppies each year so that others can discover what we have known for years.

dachshund Puppies for sale near me
dachshund Puppies for sale near me

Dachshund puppies are the sweetest and intelligent, most lovable dogs available. They can melt your heart with those loving eyes. They learn quickly and are always eager to please you, their best friend. Dachshund is an attractive and eye-catching breed. Originally bred to hunt burrowing animals, dachshunds have short, muscular legs and paws that feature thick, formidable claws. They also sport floppy ears that sit high on their heads.

Dachshunds typically are rich honey-brown or black in color. Some can be blue-gray, bi-colored, dappled, or tricolored. Dachshunds adjust to almost any situation. They are great with children when raised with children. They do well in apartments, houses, and farms. Likewise, they weigh an average of 11 pounds and under, so they are small enough to fit into most living situations. They love car rides, leash walks, and just spending time with you. Furthermore, they are awesome companions for the elderly and make wonderful therapy dogs. With proper care, a dachshund can have a long and enjoyable life span of 12 to 15 years of age and longer. No puppy leaves our home until they have been wormed and have had their first vaccination. Puppies are sold with a One-Year Written Health Guarantee.

Let First class Dachshund puppy spot guide you to the perfect addition to your family. We can counsel you on what personality of a puppy will best fit your lifestyle. Check out our available puppy page. Our veterinary expertise is valuable in assisting you with the well-being of your new addition. We are always happy to give health advice and be a resource of knowledge to the friends we’ve made over the years. For those who are interested in breeding, we have everything you need. With 9+ years in the veterinary field focusing on reproduction, specifically artificial insemination, semen collection, and processing. Our ability to help you successfully breed your female is a huge advantage for you. Check out our available puppies page and see what we have to offer. Our puppies are given their age-appropriate shot and de-wormed, we also have dewclaws removed before going to their new home. We hope you enjoy our site, if you have any question’s feel free to contact us ASAP.


dachshund Puppies for sale near me